About us...
Cherry's Kings Heath opened on a shoe string in 2010 and with the help of local friends and family it went so well that 2 years later we managed to get a loan for another, bigger cafe in Birmingham City Centre.  We don't have a 'head office' or a 'marketing manager', and certainly no shareholders.  What we do have is a great team of hardworking people who take pride in what we do. 
You can probably tell from our ​slightly shoddy DIY paint jobs and this website (!) that we keep things low budget. Despite not having bulk buying power we can still keep our prices fair and our products good value. 
We were proud to have been the first in Birmingham to stock 'craft beers' and provide a mix of meaty, vegan and gluten free options, and the first to provide a kitchen for street traders to do 'pop ups'​.  We're not curing cancer here, but we hope to bring you many other firsts and make Birmingham proud.

We love...
Working with other small companies * Making your parties and weddings special * Beer tastings * Fresh, local ingredients * Doing our part to not ruin the planet * Supporting  local causes * Logical, honest value * Simple acts of kindness * Ebay 'used' check box * Tasty homemade cake * Reduce, Reuse, Recycle * @WeWantPlates​

​All of the friends, customers, staff and my family who have helped build the dream in so many ways, love you all, Jen xx